Client Self-Screener


We do not personally offer any mortgage or real estate service. If we can find a solution for you to keep your home, it will be carried out by one or more members of the team of licensed professionals and investors that we refer your case to. RTO Partners is not a licensed real estate agent or lender.

Qualification is not easy. You need strong income and the ability to recover, starting NOW, from your financial problems, and will need to have enough home equity to 1) afford several months rent pre-paid to your new rent-to-own landlord, 2) sort things out with creditors, and 3) be able to qualify for a 5% down payment mortgage in 2 to 4 years.

IF you feel you qualify based on these criteria, go to our home page and fill in the application.

We generally respond within 1 – 24 hours of receiving information. In the meantime feel free to email or phone us.