Jan 052012

We do not personally offer any mortgage or real estate service. If we can find a solution for you to keep your home, it will be carried out by one or more members of the team of licensed professionals and investors that we work with outside of our own company. RTO Partners does not lend money or buy property.

Turning your home into a rent-to-own, and buying it back after 2-4 years, is something that very few struggling home owners qualify for. You need to have a strong enough story to convince an investor to purchase the home, and rent it to you with the hopes that you will buy it back from them. You will need at least 20% equity, strong income, and an excellent argument for being able to fix your credit and be mortgage-worthy in 2-4 years. And the house needs to be in great shape.

Please visit our main site for the proper application form.

Identity theft problems, or a divorce, are “good” reasons for turning your home into a rent-to-own so that you don’t have to move.

Imminent foreclosure caused by gambling, overspending, trying to afford a home that is not justified by your income, addiction etc. are NOT scenarios in which we could find an investor to buy your house and become a rent-to-own landlord for you.

Are you late with mortgage payments? Worried about foreclosure, liens, and your credit score? Do you HATE the idea of moving?

Using the D.L.Y.H. strategy, you (usually) don’t make any house payments for the first 6 to 24 months (*) (which is a huge load off your mind), while you work to repair your financial situation. With the remaining home equity, you can establish a plan to deal with creditors, look for work, pay for career-related education, or whatever else you need to do to get back on your feet.