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Qualifying to stay in your house by doing a “rent-back” is not easy … but is possible for some applicants. See our “Homeowner Help” page for details.

The only way we can help is if you are in a position NOW to sell your house to an investor, who will rent it back to you for 3 years … your income needs to be at least 33% of your house value. At the end of your 3 year “rent-back” period you need clean credit to be able to buy the house back at a pre-determined higher (annually appreciated) price.

If you are now, or have been, in a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, you have to be aware of how long it takes to rebuild your credit. If you have lost a house to bankruptcy, no “A” lender will give you a high-percentage mortgage for 7 years or more.

Our company does not offer mortgage or real estate service. If we can find a solution for you to keep your home, it will be carried out by the licensed professionals and investors that we work with. RTO Partners is not a licensed realtor or lender. Our company does not directly lend money or buy property.

Click here if divorce or separation are the cause of your home ownership struggles.